Benefits of Working With Me

With Over 20 Years Combined experience of Protecting Your Clients Rights
Specialized clientele

As a knowledgeable Realtor specializing in short sales, my primary focus is to assist clients who are in financial stress. I have an experienced team that will negotiate on behalf of your client to help avoid a foreclosure. Our partnership can result in a consistent influx of new clients and potential referrals for your business.

Enhanced market knowledge

Collaborating with short-sale Realtors like me allows you to stay updated on current market trends and conditions related to distressed properties. I have first hand knowledge of the local market and years of experience negotiating short sales. By collaborating with me you can identify potential clients and tailor your legal services accordingly.

Streamlined processes

Short sale transactions involve intricate legal procedures, documentation, and negotiations. By partnering with me, I can streamline the entire short sale process for your client. I handle all the various aspects a short sale, such as property valuation, marketing, buyer negotiation, and papework managing while you focus on providing legal guidance.

Collaborative support

By relying on our short sale expertice you can leave the negotiation and paperwork to us, thereby saving you time so that you can focus on giving legal advice. 

Networking opportunities

Collaborating with me opens up networking opportunities within the real estate industry. I have established relationships with professionals including lenders, appraisers, and title companies. By connecting with my network, you can expand your professional contacts, strengthen your reputation, and increase your referral base.

Diversified practice

Adding a short-sale Realtor, like myself, to your network can broaden the scope of your legal practice. Short sales are a niche area within real estate law, and by specializing in this field, you can differentiate yourself from other attorneys. This diversification can attract new clients seeking legal representation for short sale transactions and establish you as an expert in the field.