Get a 25% referral fee on your short sale leads

Submit a lead

When submitting a lead, input both your client’s details and your own. It is important to inform your client that I will be reaching out to them so that I can quickly build rapport with them and begin the short sale process.

Create a short sale package

Once I establish that their property qualifies for a short sale, I will gather all the required paperwork to submit to your client’s mortgage lender.

Negotiate and list the property

Once I have successfully negotiated and confirmed that the lender has all the required documents, I will proceed to list their property and find a qualified buyer.

Review offers and submit

The lender has the authority to either approve or reject the submitted offer. In the event of rejection, I will investigate the reasons behind it and proceed to either challenge the valuation or relist the property in order to attract a higher offer.

Get approval to close

Once approved, I will acquire written confirmation from the lender to begin the closing process. Subsequently, I will verify the completion of all necessary requirements before submitting the essential paperwork to ensure payment.

Get you paid

After the closing I will pay you a 25% referral fee on the listing side of the transaction.

Services I offer

I provide specialized short sale negotiation services for your client referrals. These services include tasks such as negotiating on behalf of your referral, submitting necessary documents from the sellers and buyers, making phone calls to the short sale lender/servicer, working closely with the closing attorney, and keeping you well informed.